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Whenever I have to walk down a faulty escalator, my legs always feel weird. I’m not sure why, maybe my brain is too used to them moving, nevertheless, they always catch me off guard. I propose a solution to this problem, a pair of Faulty Escalator Shoes – or “F.E.S” for short. The idea is each shoe has a track on them, that locks into the escalator steps and moves, mimicking general escalator travel. The F.E.S is an extension that locks into my current shoes so I don’t have to show my villainous socks to members of the public. They also, have a set of hydraulics, so the angle of the shoe extension can be changed, for going up or down faulty escalators. Here are my initial designs, I do not recommend trying to build these, that’s a very bad idea. ⁠


A2 Giclee Print 

Edition of 25

The Faulty Escalator Shoes⁠

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