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Toggle Machine 

Acrylic and Electronics

43 x 61 x 25 cm 


Over the past few months, I've been exploring new avenues in my practice. Recently, I've been revisiting what captivated me during my master's: drawing machines. Influenced by artists like Tim Knowles, I've started to experiment with incorporating this inspiration into my own work. After rigorous dedication and some challenging moments, I've reached the initial phase – the creation of “Toggle Machine”.


This machine, drawing from childhood movements, continuously attempts to fasten and unfasten a jacket toggle typically found on duffel coats. I discovered that this motion is mechanically intricate, and the machine's design, originating from my own bedroom, results in frequent failures. Interestingly, each unsuccessful attempt by the toggle machine introduces a new failure. My goal is to capture these motions using motion tracking, translating them into drawings, and eventually transforming these drawings into tapestries.


As for the reasons behind this shift in my practice, I'm still exploring. Observing the machine's repetitive movements strangely evokes emotions in me, possibly due to the nostalgia associated with the motion (stemming from my childhood struggles with a duffel coat I couldn't put on myself) or the machine's persistent yet imperfect attempts. Nevertheless, I'm genuinely enthusiastic about this new direction in my artistic practice. 

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