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Like many people in their late 20’s, I am at a crossroads in my life. There is one half of me that still desires fun reckless behaviour, there is also however a growing second half that thinks about taxes, general responsibility and getting a good night’s sleep. This dichotomy becomes most apparent when i am out late in a dancing-based situation. I wish to go on, but I am tired and thinking about the next day. This situation desperately needs an invention. I propose the “Dance All Night Long Jumper”. A jumper, with fake arms that raises the roof for you; so, you can stare into the void, have an existential crisis   and wait until an appropriate time to leave or until a friend suggests getting a drink and going outside.   


The main concept goes as follows: The jumper would have two external mechanical arms that would go between three settings. [1] the arms would fold for ease of storage [2] the arms would go straight down   in perfect position for putting the jumper on (most likely in a cubicle) and navigating tight hallways and [3] raise the roof mode; where the arms would go up and down in a celebratory fashion. 


A2 Giclee Print 

Edition of 25

The Dance All Night Long Jumper

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